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High Torque Air Motor

Продавец: VACPAC Базовый

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Наименование товара: High Torque Air Motor
Описание: Best In Industry
First Indian Company for Supplying Air Motor to Large and Small Industry Use
Design For Industry
Our Air Motor is designed as per industrial usage. Our innovative team work hard to prepare Air Motor as per usage
Door Step Service
We cover worldwide servicing for Air Motor. We do maintenance and servicing for all type of Air Motor.

[How to Select an Air Motor]
Air motors differ in many ways from other power sources. These unique operating characteristics must be considered when selecting an air motor for a particular job. It is easy to change horsepower and speed of an air motor by throttling the air inlet. Therefor, the best rule of thumb for selecting an air motor is to choose one that will provide the horsepower and torque needed using only two-thirds (2/3) of the line pressure available. The full air line pressure will then be available for overloads and starting.

Performance, Features and Typical Applications


Up to 9.5 HP (7.1kW)

Variable speeds to 10,000 rpm
Gear motor maximum torque to 5200 lb. in. (587 Nm)


Variable speed

Non-electrical sparking

Cool running

Compact ad portable

Operate in all positions

Mounting flexibility

Typical Applications

Mixing equipment

Conveyor drives

Food packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging

Hoists and wrenches

Hose reels

Fiberglass choppers

Tension devices


Tire/wheel balancers

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Компания : VACPAC
Тарифный план: Базовый Базовый
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